14.5" Overall4.5" Rosette1 5/8 x 12 Streamers2 x 12 Main Ribbon4 points4 loops..
Print is on center streamer only10 lines of print with 14 characters across, including spaces..
22.5" Overall5" Rosette3" Rosette2.5 " Rosette2.5 x 19.5 Ribbon1 5/8 x 19.5 Streamers..
XR Medals are classically designed in stricking detailed and offer quality at a great price. Availab..
Value Medals are designed with stricking detail and offer quality at affordable price. Available in ..
This high-quality 3" softball WCM medallion is perfect for prestigious recognition of the best kind...
This 2" Decagon Medallion features a soft enamel color fill that gives the lacrosse scene a high-qua..
The APM Medallion is the perfect choice for recognizing achievement in writing. This 2" medallion co..
2" Scholastic Medal READERS ARE LEADERS New
Beautifully detailed and sculpted READERS ARE LEADERS Medals to commemorate academic achievements. 2..