13" Overall4.5" Rosette1 5/8 Streamers2" Main Ribbon..
Print is on center streamer only10 lines of print with 14 characters across, including spaces..
18.5" Overall6" Rosette2.5" Rosette12 Points2 x 14.5 Streamers2" x 14.5" Main Ribbon..
15.5" Overall5" Rosette5 Points2.5 Rosette1 5/8 x 12 Streamers2.5 x 12 Main Ribbon..
10" Overall3.5" Rosette2.5" Rainbow Rosette2 x 8 Ribbon..
The 2 1/2"CEM baseball medallion offers an experience no other medal can match. Using colored epoxy ..
This fun and economic 1 3/4" Wrestling Wreath Medallion offers the quality of an antique gold die ca..
2 3/4" antique silver insert medals are perfect for an award at any event...
XR Medals are classically designed in stricking detailed and offer quality at a great price. Availab..
2" Lamp of Knowledge Star Blast Medals are available in Gold, Silver & Bronze...
3-D IM Medals combine tW/O contrasting materials, metal and rubber, to acheieve a unique look and fe..